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Is it possible to design a wearable device with a noise reduction ratio (NRR) larger than 36 dB?

Wearing both ear muffs (whether passive or active) and earplugs simultaneously can't yield more than 36 dB noise reduction ratio (NRR), because: it does not prevent the sound to reach your inner ear ...
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Ear Protection While Cycling [closed]

Ahoy Matees, After a long and arduously soppy spring up here in Canada, summer has at long last descended on us with it's iron fist of sweaty retribution. That means it's bicycle season! ...
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Tinnitus after plane flights

Hey everyone, This weekend I went to Florida for a gig and getting off the flight I think I experienced a bit of ear fatigue and tinnitus (I really hope it wasn't tinnitus) where I went and relaxed ...
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How do you maintain good ear health?

There was a question here a little bit ago asking about ear protection during mixing. A broader question for us all that use our ears for a living is: What do you do to maintain ear health? Do you ...
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Hearing protection during editing/mixing sessions

Ciao How do you protect our most valuable property: our ears? Especially, what's your behavior during editing/mixing sessions? I'll try to take a brake every our or so, even only for a few minutes, ...
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