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Mic closest as human ear (not just few inches away)

I am currently working in a project that require microphone which hear as sensitive as human ear do. I.e barking sound of neighbor's dog, boiling water sound in kitchen, etc Is there any? I am fairly ...
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Is there earphone ear mold sleeve exists?

I am not familiar proper noun in earphone area, I would say earphone sleeve: earphone ear mold: I mean earphone ear mold sleeve as a sleeve shape of custom-fit rubber mold. Because: earphone ...
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Ear training software

I recently discovered, which is a website for ear training for audio engineers (EQ specifically). The concept is easy; You listen to some modified audio, and you have to tell what ...
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Mix Up or Mix Down?

So normally when working with a mix, I generally (or at least I was taught to) mix with the rhythm section first and work my way up. In recency however, I've been hearing that it's more advantageous ...
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Over-sensitive ears

For some months it seems that I can hear extreme details in sounds and music. I hear each Instrument separatly, I can hear flaws in dynamic or eq treatments, I hear bad edits, reverb and delay fx. And ...
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Damaged Ears are common

I've been working in the industry for almost six years. I've come across all types of engineers and a majority of them have a hard time hearing. Recently I've been wondering why this is the case? ...
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Carrots are for eyes as ________ are for ears

Are there any vitamins or supplements or vegetables or procedures you know of that promote healthy and long-lasting ears? I'm 25 and I want to continue in this business for many years.
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