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Weird hum with Dynamic Microphones

I have a new Rode PodMic (or Procaster) plugged into a Behringer U-Phoria UMC204HD and I experienced a very weird hum problem. If I place the mic on different locations / angles, a very weird hum ...
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Where to find gusty wind recordings

I'm in a bind and I'm looking for some wind with a lot of whipping and dynamics. The project I'm designing is very ethereal in nature so I will probably be doing a lot of panning/modulation work but ...
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Heil PR-35 versus Electro Voice RE 50 N /DBL

which one would you buy and why? needed for voice recordings on street and inside
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Does anyone ever use Dynamic Transport Mode in Pro Tools?

If you have never heard of this option and you use Pro Tools, please answer with that information because it answers my question. Why is it useful? What application does anyone use it for? I read ...
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