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2 answers

Match takes from different ADR sessions

We had an ADR session to dub a video game working with Nuendo. After several months, we decided to do some lines again due to a change in the translations, before realizing the microphone was ...
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How to make your voice sound like another persons voice?

Is there any software that will make a voice of someone sound like a voice of someone else? A guy in my skype list claims he has a friend who works in "SoundDesign business" who has such a tool, and ...
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1 vote
2 answers

2 Man Versus 1 Man Dub Stages

I am encountering more and more 2 and 3 man dub stages in LA whereas all stages were one man stages in DC. I have been mixing for over a decade but am certain I will have a mix team experience really ...
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Fixes during the mix. How to go about it?

One thing I know will be inevitable are fixes from the director, or producer, or even actors/producers in some cases. How do you guys prepare/go about doing fixes on the dub stage? Do you bring a ...
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