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Can differences between high quality audio formats be noticed on low quality headphones?

Specifically, I'm looking at 640kbps AC3 and 1500kbps DTS. Will there be a noticeable or detectable difference when someone listens on cheap consumer headphones?
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Can any DTS stream be embedded in a WAV as is?

I have some DTS files that I’d like to embed inside WAV to trick various devices into sending them to my receiver. I know this is possible, but details are hard to come by. I have several examples of ...
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What is difference between DTS MDA and Dolby Atmos?

DTS MDA and Dolby Atmos, are they targeted for Home Theaters?
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Vegas Pro: imported m2ts missing audio

I'm editing a clip for my friend's wedding, when I try to import a .m2ts file from my Blu-Ray disk, only the video has been added. seems Vegas doesn't recognize the audio format... I'm sure the file ...
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