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Extension cable for camera audio input

I have a lavalier system with a ATR35 mic. I want to use the mic with my DSLR, but the cord length needs to be longer. What do I look for when I buy an extension cable? I know that the mic is a dual ...
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How can I hear the sound during recording with a simple DSLR?

I have a Nikon D7000 and RØDE VideoMic Pro. The DSLR has only a jack for the microphone, but no second jack for the headphones, unlike Nikon D4. RØDE microphone has no jacks for a headphone either. ...
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How to record quality dialogues with DSLR?

I want to use my DSLR for recording a short movie. I realized, that with built-in microphone, the quality of dialogues will be very bad. What could I use for recording better quality audio? I was ...
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How should I select a microphone to use with a sound recorder used as a pre-amp for a DSLR

I have a Canon 550d, which I have started to do some video work with. Recently while recording a friends blues band at a gig, the location I was in was too close to the speakers, causing the audio to ...
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Camera mounted mic, off camera mic, or audio recorder?

I have a Canon 6D DSLR. It has a monaural microphone input, and a headphone out. So far the audio I've done with the internal mic have been terrible, including either AF noises, image stabilizer ...
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External Mic/Sound Recorder recommendations

The Nikon d3100 does not have an external microphone port, which is normally not a problem (built in mic is great) unless your doing AF-A, then you get lens noises. For a shot that requires zooming ...
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Ideal lavs for non-ideal office environments (think loud fans that can't be turned off)?

Hi All, I'm looking to buy one or two lavs, whether wireless or not doesn't matter, and budget is no issue since a couple of us will all pitch in. What I'm looking for is a lav that will work well ...
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I am looking at doing a run and gun feature doc

Would the h4n be a viable recording device for a run and gun feature doc shot on 5d and 7d cannon, With 416/rycote/boom and radio lav for 2 channels and the stereo mic for room/street atmos track? Or ...
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What to buy 744T with TC-Slate or H4N with regular slate?

What are the benefits to using a 744t with a slate running time code over a zoom H4n with regular slate if the camera is a Canon DSLR? are there any tutorials out there on syncing time code from a ...
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Slates and jamming time code

We've run into a little bit of a conundrum here at work. We're still going to do more testing, and I'm sure we'll be able to figure it out, but I thought I'd ask here to see if anyone has experienced ...
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