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What's the difference between pad and drone?

I'm learning how to program software synthesizer. I came across with these two types of patch described as "pad" and "drone". They sound somewhat similar for me. Could someone explain what the ...
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Free plugins for making drones and textures?

I want to be able to process audio files or synths to create new drones and textures in Logic Express 9. Anyone has any suggestions of which free plugins are worth a try?
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Drone technique

I have a maybe broad question, about certain techniques in creating drones. Drones of specific quality, the kind you can hear in Joe Colley's work, for example. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post ...
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Medieval instruments samples

I'm working on a sound design where I want to use samples from medieval instruments to make background drones that doesn't sound too synthetic and also captures the sound of the time that the ...
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What's your favourite way to "stereoize" a mono file?

I've created a drone that I'd like to use as a spacecraft engine bg, but right now its in mono, and I thought I'd crowd source some favourite methods of "stereoizing". Because the sound is sci-fi in ...
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That deep Drone / Ambient texture

Hi, Always asked myself how to achieve that deep sound using reverb like in Kerovnian, Megaptera or Amon productions... I tried with no success cuting freqencies below 40 and above 2K with large hall ...
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New synth for the new year (drone,industrial, metal, noise)

Gear, gear, gear. Too many options. I'm looking to pick up my first synth this month (software or hardware). As you can tell, i'm into creating dirt, gritty soundscapes. I have a chain of guitar ...
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Avant Garde Enthusiasts (drone, noise etc..)

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas. I've been meaning to put this up for a while, but i've been hesitant because I don't wanna look like some weirdo. Like the title suggests i'm pretty much into ...
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