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2 votes
2 answers

Good Drama Films/TV for Sound Design?

This has been asked before as general films Films to Study for Excellence in Sound Design, but most of the answers as well as the films recognized in awards are epic action blockbuster films: Star ...
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3 answers

Radio Drama Evaluation

Hey guys, I am needing one of you to evaluate my first effort of a radio drama I produced for my honours project. All it will require is for you to listen to it, take notes during listening, and ...
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9 votes
22 answers

Tension sounds like…

What does tension sound like? Tension, in the case, meaning the feeling that if you don't complete your task in time, you will fail or be attacked. You have :05 to sell it. (This is one of those ...
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1 vote
2 answers

The difference between Dry Comedic and Slapstick sounds

Can we compare the difference between dry comedic and slapstick sounds?? Is there a fine line between these things or is it vague? Maybe a movie or article reccomendation could lend a helping hand ...
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