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Reproducing downsampling effect on guitar tone

I've noticed if I downsample my classical guitar recordings from 44100Hz to 8000Hz, the result is a bassy vintage electric guitar sound, which I really like in some songs of mine. I know because of ...
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4 bit audio editor?

I am working on an electronics project and I need to store speech data in an extremely limited memory. Since the microcontroller is not equipped to dynamically decompress audio data, I am stuck with ...
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Verification of upsampled audio file

I hope this is the correct forum. I started to do some programming involving sound recently and have encountered a lot of technical terms that are all foreign to me. I am slowly learning about them ...
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Recording with different sampling rate and audio (16/24 bit)

Is it possible with a proper audio interface to record audio samples and simultaneously save multiple files with different sampling rate on live when the source is the same, such as from a mic? I ...
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Batch changing bit and sample rate

Here's something I never thought I'd do here... ask a question related to my day job. :D I'm a technician in a nursing simulation lab -- I get to play with human simulators all day -- and I've ...
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How are you downsampling your FX for your Final Mix?

Recording FX sometimes goes up to 192K. When you're starting up there, how do you come down for delivery to the mixing stage? Which way sounds the best? And, do you do your editing in 192 or 96 all ...
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