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Best speech codec for quality and compatibility

My company works with audio recordings of phone conferences. We record those as WAV then convert them to MP3 for storage. The stored MP3 files are the ones users globally can download. The problem is,...
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Why do YouTube Converters use MP3? [closed]

So youtube-dl shows that YouTube only uses Opus, m4a and vorbis containers. So how do these YouTube to MP3 converters get the MP3 then? Do they transcode from a lossy format? Isn't it better to get ...
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Best specs for Sound bites (Media Release)

We are preparing a bunch of short sound bites to accompany a media release. Wondering what specs are recommended for the audio recordings submitted to news/media outlets?
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FIXED - Can't download new Drummers on Logic Pro X

Someone knows how to download the new drummers? I've clicked on the arrow pointing down (that's an international symbol for that!) and anything happens... Thanks!
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Sounds for your downloading pleasure - "Machines in a Bullet Factory"

Hey Everyone, A while back I was on a shoot in a bullet factory, and had a bit of time between setups to run around in the production facility to record some of their machines... I gave no idea what ...
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Abstract videos for sound design practice

Hi everyone, I am looking for some video content (preferably short abstract pieces) to put some sound/music to for my portfolio and for practice. Does anyone know of any on-line resources where one ...
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Stock Audio, Audio Micro

Does anyone use stock audio websites to either buy or sell sound effects? I was checking out Audio Micro and they at least give you 50% of net profits for being 'non exclusive' (60% for 'exclusive') ...
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Getting manual for Steinberg Houston Contoller

Hi, I am looking to get hold of a manual for the Steinberg Houston Controller. I tried to download it off of the Steinberg site but could not. Does anyone else have another source Thanks
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