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The Speed of Sound: Why does the sound of a car approaching lasts shorter than passing on?

Hello All, I have a perhaps strange question. First let me introduce it with an observation i made today during field recording. I just got back to my studio and I am listening to the recordings and ...
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Design for throwing /axis rotate sounds

Hey, Am interested to hear techniques for rotating air sounds - eg - dagger or axe been thrown. I know GRM tools doppler can do a fantastic job on this. (which I dont have unfortunately). Ive been ...
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Binaural panning in Logic Pro for doppler effect?

Hi, when I googled a lot trying to find free or cheap doppler plugins for logic I came across the Binaural Panning help file for Logic pro. I had never used it before and discovered that there was a ...
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Favorite Doppler plug-in or software? [closed]

Recently I had to create some doppler effects of certain sounds and I'm working on Pro Tools 7.4. I saw at NAB that Pro Tools 8 has a Doppler plug-in, but due to hardware considerations (expansion ...
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The pitch shifting algorithm

I get that the algorithm for pitch shifting used in the video above simulates Doppler effect, the formula of which being : f_out = f_in ( (v_sound + v_observer) / (v_sound + v_source) ). It is ...
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Doppler SFX on voice

Hi Gang, Have a brief for a doppler SFX on a voice throughout a 30 second read and than will pass by on a key couple of words at the end of the read. Whats the best way to approach this?
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Imitate sound of waves

I need to create algorithm for sound of waves. So I imagine it should be a white noise with doppler effect. However I understand doppler is just change of frequency. But white noise have all the ...
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when going nearly the speed of sound how fast does sound seem to go? [duplicate]

if one were to calculate the speed of incoming sound as one travels closer to the speed of sound what is the speed of the incoming sound for the observer?
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Sound spatialisation tool. Would this be useful?

Hi, I have recently prototyped a sound spatialisation tool using max/msp as part of a university project. It allows you to load a sound and animate it in a virtual 3d space to add doppler shift, ...
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