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What defines loudness of mp3 in a file?

Still trying to understand why loudness data is so difficult to find... Say there are mp3 files and a smartphone. Smartphone has amplification buttons, but at same level different files` sound is much ...
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Why is this audio obfuscation algorithm not working?

I'm the author of software that, among other things, records audio. I got the requirement that the audio should be encrypted or at least obfuscated before saving to disk, so that someone using ...
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Designing Sound Effects For Digital UI

I'm trying to get better sound design and I wanted to tackle the area of digital sounds for UI that you'd see in a sci-fi thriller or something like that. Something like the sounds at the beginning of ...
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Is analog or digitally stored audio better sounding? [closed]

I see a lot of these analog/digital wars explaining how tape or records sounds better than a DAC. Both sides argue with each other a lot so it is hard to actually know what to use. From my ...
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Is the quality of a DAC related to software implementation?

I am not an audiophile. I have heard many times that hardware X has good/bad DAC. The "has" signifies that DAC is a kind of separate chip inside it. As far as I know, DAC is an algorithm to fill in ...
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Receiving sound from a startech 7.1 usb external sound card with spdif digital audio drivers

So I installed all the drivers for it but I can't seem to receive sound from it. I'll outline my setup so it'll be easier for someone to help me. I have a female XLR to aux running from my behringer ...
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Macbook's DAC vs external / in-speaker DAC

I notice there are more and more speakers accepting digital inputs (USB / optical). I never had a chance to listen to those myself, so I wonder how would you compare sound quality of macbook's DAC ...
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Analog vs Digital/digital vs analog audio [closed]

Hi guys this could be a very popular question/debate but what do you feel are the pros/cons of analog and/or digital audio in relation to one another? To start the ball rolling one of the first pros ...
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Building Blocks of "Technology" Sounds

I keep getting production dialog delivered straight from GoPro cameras. It's built-in mono mic with auto gain control records at 48k straight to AAC. Typically it's a nightmare of intelligibility ...
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