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Setting a session for dialogue editing (question about John Purcell book)

I am reading the John Purcell's book, and finding it very useful. I need to set my session at the best way to improve my work. Right now I am editing a dialogue, and I will have to mix, too, a low ...
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Lavalier Mic For Clean Dialogue In A Noisy Environment - Stanley Kubrick Example Referenced

I would like to be able to record a clean dialogue track in a noisy location such as a coffee shop using lavalier mics. The mics would need to be hidden on the actors, presumably under clothing. The ...
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What are correct dialogue loudness levels for mixing across different content types?

So I'm interested in what the correct dialogue loudness levels are for different content types. Assume I am mixing in an environment that is aligned for -20dBFS Pink Noise (single channel) to deliver ...
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Gibberish phoneme dialog like in Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing has an interesting style (see video here) of creating these meaningless phonemes to simulate conversation. They even have different sounds for different characters, thus giving them ...
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Mess up with Phoenix Reverb

I usually use Altiverb for dialogue premix, recently I bought Phoenix and R2 reverb due to their good reputation. However, I find them difficult to config. They have so many presets but none can ...
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Mandarin Chinese Walla

Does anyone have any Mandarin walla they'd be willing to share or suggestions on where to find it? I'd be into doing a trade for some of my own field recordings. Preferably looking for something very ...
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