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Tips for mixing dialogue

Can this be a thread for tips on mixing dialogue? Do you EQ the voice a certain way or ever use different sync for different characters? Reverb/delay? Do you have a certain workflow for the dial ...
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Getting rid of room sound on a voice recording?

Hi there, I'm currently doing a dialogue edit for a film, and there's a substantial amount of voice over. Knowing the studio where the recording was to take place well, I asked the recording ...
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Sound Recording for Film

Recently I shot a short film but needed to do this film with NO budget. I was able to get a camera for free as well as someone to shoot it - Sound however became a problem. Very few sound guys are ...
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Matching Dialogue between different takes

Hello. Another newbie questions from me. Been working on a 45 mins film, take place in an apartment. Most of the dialogue's quality turn out fine. (It's a shortfilm about a conversation between 3 ...
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Showreel focusing on dialogue editing and location recording

I am in the process of editing my online showreel. I have 3 short films (or not so short 1 is 36 minutes and another 19 minutes), a trailer and a DVD intro / pre-menu clip. Now my main focus for my ...
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Rigging Microphones in Cars

what would one make a microphone rig for a car to record dialogues ? Which microphones are preferable for these situations and why ?
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Dia always the same level?

Question regarding mixing: Is dialogue always mixed at the same level no matter what type of movie you're mixing? Example: Terminator 2 - explosions all over the place. Dialogue, yelling, during ...
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Dialogue Premix - Exterior Verb

While in the midst of a dialogue premix, I've been playing around with this Snapshot feature on TLSpace I never knew existed. Has made verbing so much quicker and easier now especially for recurring ...
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Looking for some help on dialogue editing?

Hey guys I'm working on a short film and I am wondering what kind of techniques people use to help get rid of noise floor or room tone. I usually use X-Noise and EQ but I'm wondering what other ...
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