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Dialnorm in a stereo mix?

Can Dialnorm metadata be present in a stereo mix? I have a stereo mix film that when processed through OP59 loudness algorithms somehow produces a ramp in overall levels during voice only scenes with ...
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Mixing for Cinema in Home Studio

I am preping for a film mix in my small studio and just was calibrating the speakers but with my small monitors i can't reach the SPL required. SO i decided to reference with a DVD dialogue track at ...
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Normalizing Your Final Mix?

Another question: When I mix films in stereo, I mix for dynamic range at 78dB SPL. This means I have my setup calibrated, I mix the dialogue until it's comfortable, then I mix everything else around ...
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AC3 Creation and Dialnorm Settings -- Best Practices

Hi All, I'm a little confused on the correct way to measure for and set the dialnorm metadata value when creating an AC3 for delivery to a client. Here's a scenario I just went through: A month or ...
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