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Di-Box, Audio interface or Both for live performances in theatres?

I'm a juggler, selling a circus-musical to theatres in Europe and I have been gradually buying all the equipment that I need to perform with, without borrowing it from each theatre I go to. One issue ...
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Input levels (mic/inst/line) and DI-Box

Okay, I'm totally consused about the input levels. Let's say I have an audiointerface Presonus Studio 68. Inputs: Mic/line/inst Mic/line/inst Mic/inst Mic/inst There is also a button "line" which ...
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DI box : which is more versatile, active or passive?

There are several questions here and on the Internet about what are DI boxes and what is the difference between active and passive. But I often end up reading things like "passive for active pickups ...
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Can I connect DI box to mixer line in?

I am presently feeding my DI boxes through a multicore and into my mixers XLR mic inputs. However I wonder if I could feed them into the line inputs (1/4" jack) instead. I would obviously need to ...
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Powering a DI box

We have just installed a new sound system at my church. As part of this we are using a DI box to connect in a keyboard. The DI box needs power either from Phantom Power or a 9V battery. Our sound desk ...
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Do I need a DI BOX when sending signal from my sound card to a mix console?

I have the M-Audio Mobile Pre soundcard which I will be using to send signal from my PC to a mix console. What I don't know, though, is whether I need to put a DI BOX in between? The sound card does ...
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