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Share your experiences with USB Audio Interfaces (Specifically Behringer and Steinberg) [closed]

So I'm planning on buying my first interface and I've pretty much narrowed it down to Steinberg UR22MK2 and Behringer UMC404HD. Basically sound wise I'm fine with either (based on video comparisons ...
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Need help setting up 2 Audio Feed inputs with two seperate auto outputs.

I'm using Scanner Cast and was needing help trying to find the best way to have two different scanner audio feeds that can be uploaded to two scanner cast feeds without each hearing the other. Right ...
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Sound Devices 633 or Sony PCM-D100

These are very different devices that ultimately do the same thing. I am a documentary photographer/film maker and I also have a hobby of making field recordings. I currently have a Roland R-26 ...
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How to connect Sound Devices MM1 Mic Pre with Zoom H4n

Hello Audio Pros, I have a Zoom H4n & a NTG2 & the levels are low - i have previously asked for help regarding this & someone suggested to go with Dan McComb way with the SD mix pre. I ...
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Poly .wav picture editorial <-> sound dept workflow questions

Hi guys, so, I'm about to be using a Sound Devices 788T on set and I know I'm going to want to run at least in 4 track mode. What I'm mainly curious about is the production sound -> picture edit -> ...
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What in-line pad? Zoom and mixer questions

The Zoom H4n line input is -10dbV and the Sound Devices MixPre output is a pro +4dbU. The signal from these two directly, overloads the recorder. I'm trying to figure out what kind of pads I can get ...
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