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Inspiration from the world of music production

Hello sound friends. This is is another 'list your top' question. Today: Which music producers do you feel created unique and inspiring sound design and in so doing made the albums they produced a ...
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Professional looking for a post graduate course in sound design for film

I am Sid and I hail from India. I've been working in the bollywood film industry for a while now and want to now move out. I have about 12-15 major motion pictures under my belt for which I served as ...
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Creating sounds for a T-Rex?

Ive been given the task to create sounds for a T-Rex, and this is my first real sound design project. Im more accustomed to designing sounds with synthesis, not so much with recorded sounds, so I was ...
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Creating insect and meadow ambient noises without recording insects or meadow abients?!

I'm working on a little personal project in which I'm attempting to use 100% my own recordings and designed sounds, trying out new techniques and getting a bit creative etc. At the moment I'm ...
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Big Stomping Sound?

Anybody know where I can start to make a big stomping sound. I need it for a T-Rex, so its gotta be huge!
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Video courses on sound design for film/tv ?

Hi!! new member here.. I'm looking for dvd's or video courses on sound design for film/tv. I would like to learn everything from recording the right way to adding audio effects or anything needed ...
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Where do I Begin in Sound Design?

Hi I wonder if you folks on this site can help me out. I just graduated from university doing Digital Media. For my honours project I did sound design for a short animated film and it’s given me the ...
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