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Camel Alchemy Sound Design

Hi guys, Can you help me on this one? It's been some time that I wanted to broaden my options in sound design so I've got to the conclusion of starting with Camel Alchemy. Could you recommend me a ...
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Sound Sculptures & Installations

I guess this might interest many of you guys so i put the link bellow!
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What to look out for when designing mixed material enclosure?

I have a (presumably naive) idea to make the front of the enclosure out of concrete. The loudspeaker itself would a sealed bookshelf type with a tweeter and a 5" woofer. I'm considering these options ...
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Questions asked during video game job interviews?

I've managed to get a skype interview for a position of Junior Sound Designer in a big game compagny. I'm french and my english oral skills are a bit rusty, so i'd like to train a bit before this ...
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Recording app with video playback / remote solution

I am trying to find a solution to record foley in my recording booth while seeing a looping QuickTime movie on my iPad. Is there any app that would allow me to do this? To avoid all the file handling ...
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Any reviews on IRCAM SPAT plugin?

Hey everyone. I was wondering if anybody has used the IRCAM SPAT plugin. I saw a demo of it at AES this year and it seemed pretty nice.
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Does anybody can help me with sound for my interactive concept? (urgent)

I'm studying communication design and my final project is an inteactive concept for learning russian. I tryied to make an appropriate sound, but I failed. Does anyone can help me with it? I'm ...
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Please fill in my sound design survey (on animation)- you get 100 free flacs effects!

Just click the link, fill the survey and whehey i get some answers you get some samples, nice! thank you my fellow geeks
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