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3 answers

Distribution and deliverables

So along with the m&e, 5.1 stems and stereo stems, the distribution company is asking for a "rendered and flattened" copy of the final pro tools this normal? If so, why is this ...
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Deliverable Quality Control - Talk to me.

This is for you sound-heads out there that routinely (or even not-so-routinely) deal with full deliverables for audio post. The client is asking for full splits - VO, On-camera, Nat, Music, etc, ...
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Sending over stems from a DA88-is it worth investing?

Hi guys, I am looking through the delivery requirements of a project that's a feature film with a 5.1 mix. In the past I have always sent stems as separate wavs and any OMF's/Sessions to boot. The ...
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Sample rate options on field recorders

I think this is a variation of the question that has been asked over and over, but I want to be sure I'm doing the right thing before buying a new field recorder. Currently I use the Tascam HD-P2 ...
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