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3 answers

Deadlines of Post-Production

I am going to be doing post-audio for a short film that is about 3 minutes long and the director told me I will only have two days to do it. Is this a reasonable time to get a short film done because ...
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9 votes
12 answers

Strategies for when you've crashed into the wall under deadline

So I hit the wall today. Sooner or later, everyone comes to a point where they realize they are doing more harm than good. It's that point where you realize that everything you're doing is sub-par and ...
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4 votes
6 answers

Is there much of a penalty for missing deadlines?

I'm curious, forgive me if it's a random question. For a larger production, if you were told "Get all foley done by (blank)" and you weren't done in time, what would happen? Do you ask for an ...
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Have you ever not made a deadline?

This is kind of a fun question and forgive me if it's not necessarily relevant to sound design: But, I'm going to ask it anyway! Have you ever missed or gone over the deadline for Television or Film?...
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