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How to apply an effect only during specific spans of time in a track?

I am working with some voice over that will be played quietly in the background, and am finding that even subtle sibilance, the sharp hiss or "ess" sound made when "S"s and "C"s are pronounced, is ...
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Sequence inserts/plugins for voice

I'm editing some spoken word audio (lectures recorded on a wireless lapel mic). I am using the following effects in Pro Tools 8. I am proficient with using these effects individually. But does it ...
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3 answers

a de-esser request...

working on a live tv show where a 60 second show needs to be turned around in 25minutes. The client has come back and feels the female presenter is too essy? SSSSSy? sibilent? Due to the tight time, ...
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Nuendo 4 plugins

I've recently purchased the nuendo 4 pack after installing I was shocked to see there arent any denoisser or deesser plugins, where can i find them? I tried the steinberg site but I jsut want to knoew ...
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What's your preferred de-esser plugin?

I used the waves one and now i'm trying the Eiosis E2deesser: I found its approach really interesting and natural sounding. I use a combination of that plugin and multiband compression. I have read ...
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