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How does DCP work between Dolby and DTS?

I knew that when 35mm film print was still playing in cinema,there were different optical tracks on the film for different sound format. But nowadays we all deliver wav to DCP. So how do cinemas ...
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Discussion: Theatrical release vs. BR/DVD

just want to hear some opinions on how would one theatrical mix have to be adjusted for the home cinema. need to? Not talking just about the output volume or overall compression. but also panning. ...
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Is my dialogue premix too muddy?

I'm new to dialogue, I'm wondering is my dialoge premix too muddy? It is a film project, would be output to DCP and play back in an normal cinema. The whole film is redubbed, any one can give me some ...
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Mixing 5.1 sound for film

Doing my first feature length film sound track. The person who's doing DCP asked that I deliver the 5.1 mix with a 2-pop sync. I have no idea what that is. Anyone know? Thanks!
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Festival requests DCP with mix level changes

I went to a screening at the London Short Film Festival last night of a short I worked on as sound editor and mixer. Unfortunately, I was appalled whilst watching it to hear the film being played ...
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How does a DCP work?

How to DCPs work? Do they hold several versions of a mix (ie, atmos, 7.1, 5.1, stereo) and play according to what type of system is detected? Or does it simply carry the mix with the highest channel ...
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Differences between Interop DCP and SMPTE DCP

Hi, right now I'm writing on my thesis and I try to find out the main differences between the Interop- and SMPTE-DCP specifications regarding the amount of audio-channels that are available. The ...
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DCP/MXF Projection issues: Sound is pitched down

Hi, I've recently finished a theatre-mix, which I delivered as a stereo wav-file at 48 kHz/24bit. The film was shot on a RED at 4K 25 fps. Protools was also at 48 khz/25fps and everything was fine in ...
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