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Audio sample analysis - Comparing two audio samples, the original sample with a reproduction capture sample

Introduction I'm currently working on a project where I'm implementing a basic software phone, which connects two users. Since I'm implementing both server service and the client applications, I'm ...
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Convert wav with multiple data chunk to single data chunk

I need to convert a wav file with multiple "data" chunks to a wav file with a single data chunk which includes all others. I will do this operation for thousands of files, there's a tool to do this?
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Using Max/MSP to interpret real-time data sets from the web

For about a year now I've been curious to have a different way of looking at the internet. having a way to see or hear data sets in a way that would give a "zoomed-out" look at the set, rather than at ...
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Data Recovery software for the SD 722

Hi, I am searching for links to getting the data recovery software for the SD722. The service providers here in South Africa are not being very helpful and since we are using the recorders at an ...
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What kind of compression does my audio go through when it undergoes Dolby AC3 Codec ?

In an Optical medium, The Dolby Digital print has a 5776 dots each representing a bit of data in one perforation. Therefore 4 perforations per frame and 96 perforations in one second. So in one second ...
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Anyone with data recovery wizard skills?

Edit: Well here's a sneaky preview of one of the many jet/prop plane recordings I managed to save! ;) Just spent the whole day at an Air Show. Had a ...
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Have any of you tried Soundtorch?

Its an amazingly intuitive sound finder. Load in all of your sounds and it automatically sorts them by similarity. Pretty damn amazing. They just released ...
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How do you maintain and organize your sound library? (Literature/articles/videos, not SFX)

With such a wealth of information (videos, articles, forum threads, etc) out there in cyberland, anyone have a neat way to save/archive/organize/bookmark useful articles and info for future ...
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GPS Logger Recommendation

I have one more day left in Bangkok and electronic equipment is so much cheaper than in South Africa, so this might be my cue to buy a GPS logger for when I go record sounds. Can anyone recommend a ...
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