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Strange clicking modulation in audio recorded with smartphone (m4a format)

My dad recently recorded a 3h long meeting with a smartphone app (I don't know the name, but I can ask him) and this app records in .m4a files. The only significant sound in the ambiance were human ...
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Is there a risk to leaving my headset always on? [closed]

I use my computer 10h a day, and am usually listening to music by having it connected to my amp. However I also have a headset (AKG k271 MKII), and I have a habit of leaving it plugged in, just in ...
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Metal stab sound

So, I'm trying to make a metal stab for one of our robots who has big blade like arms. I tried stabbing a soda can with a butcher knife, but I'm not loving the result. Pitched down it just sounds like ...
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Cigarette smoke and mics

Hi. The other day I was doing location sound in a short film. In one indoor scene one of the actors was smoking. It was a close shot so was booming quite near. I was just wondering if smoke can ...
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Do XLR cables wear out?

Is there any noticeable difference in sound quality if you use a new XLR cable instead of a well-used 10 years old one? I work at our local church and can borrow a cable from there to do some ...
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Rode NTG3 dies on set, and now its working again. Should I be worried?

Hello my fellow Sound Friends! I come to you with a curious situation. So two nights ago while shooting a short film at some ungodly hour, my NTG3 craps out. Prior to fully not working, it started ...
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Replacing Boom Mic Segment

My first boom pole was a very pretty Gitzo carbon fiber pole. Loved that thing! I think it extended to 12' or so. I rented out my sound gear (I have learned to not do that any more) and they ...
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Can fast and loud transients damage speakers?

Hi, I'm currently designing the sound for a weapon and I'm using fireworks in it. I really enjoy the way it sounds but is it not going to wear out my speakers? It's a pair of A7's (Rohacell/carbon ...
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