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Is it lossless to cut WAV files into segments and join them again?

I asked about a Non-Linear Editor for sound that works from plain-text files. As it does not seem to exist, I programmed one with FFMPEG. The text input is: ## take_1.wav -ss 3.32179 -to 7.57171 any ...
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Is it possible to cut an mp3 file without re-encoding it?

I have some mp3 files that need to be cut in segments (one mp3 file for the start, one separate mp3 file for the middle, and another mp3 file for the end). It can be easily done in any DAW, but DAWs ...
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Properly cut and merge in Audacity

I'm trying to trim a part of a song in Audacity and merge the other two parts together, but right where I cut it you can hear a sudden difference in the tempo and audio. Is there a method or some sort ...
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Is there a software that allows cutting while recording?

While recording a lecture, there are some pauses that are longer than 2 seconds or "ums" and "errs" that I would like to remove but have the sound continue recording. Purely to save time. At the ...
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Audacity select multiple ranges at same time for deleting

I am editing a audio file where someone has given me start/stop times to cut out of the file. However once I cut one out the whole timeline shifts making the rest of the start/stop times incorrect. I ...
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Cutting in Foley/Feet via sound library vs recording

I'm a sound editor and while early in my career, a majority of my work is doing foley editing (Feet, Props, occasional cloth). Now I'm not complaining because I have work and I've been able to work on ...
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Split a wav file into regions based on other regions/files

someone on my team split a giant wav file into smaller regions, but it accidentally got normalized on a file by file level. Is there a way to compare the small files/regions (which are numerically ...
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SFX Editing & Layering - Audiosuite or Inserts?

Hi everyone, When you're cutting and layering multiple sounds in order to achieve a desired effect, how would you normally apply any plugin processing that's required? At the moment, I'm working on ...
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cutting multiple hard synced layered events - workflow

Assume that you're looking at a scene with dozens of hard synced events that need a few layers of sound per event. Something like a fistfight or a shootout. What's your specific workflow for finding ...
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When to cut a region, before or after the picture and how many frames?

I'm editing dialogue and I'm not sure if I should make cuts for each shot six frames before the shot or not. Or should I after. Does anybody have an opinion on when to cut? Specifically for Dialogue....
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Ambience cuts between shots

Forgive me if someone else has already asked this, but I just did a "just for fun" sound design on a short film I found and I had a bit of a problem. The film is cutting between a sniper and a victim,...
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Developing a workflow for editing and mastering raw material

Since I bought me a mic (RØDE NT3) and started recording things that sound interesting to me I keep asking myself what would be a good workflow for importing, cutting/editing and mastering the sounds, ...
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