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Why is this waveform popping? Is it because of my speakers?

I am editing this audio clip and I hear a pop at this location. It might have been cut here, but I am not sure. But regardless of that, I am curious to know whether it looks to you that a pop should ...
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Is it possible to cut an mp3 file without re-encoding it?

I have some mp3 files that need to be cut in segments (one mp3 file for the start, one separate mp3 file for the middle, and another mp3 file for the end). It can be easily done in any DAW, but DAWs ...
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Bounce of PT out of sync on FC

Hey guys, I just send a bounce file i made on PT to the editor of this project and he says that at the end of the file the sync is out and gets worse and worse. I've checked my settings on my session ...
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Question about audio files and Final Cut

hi! I have a doubt about Final, omf s and original audio files. I have received a project from a client. They send me omf s at 48 khz/16 bits, because the sequence where they edited in Final Cut was ...
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