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What websites/forums should I go to for critique?

Are there any good sound design websites/forums for posting demo videos for critique that I should know about? Thanks, Ian.
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Feedback on my Music Video Without Music [closed]

I'm looking for a bit of feedback on this work I'm doing for my portfolio.
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Has your job / what you do ever been questioned?

Has your job / what you do ever been questioned? How did/do you respond? Ex. "Oh so you work on sound for advertisements? Aren't advertisements rather useless?" "Oh so you work on x. It's nice and ...
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Anyone have a moment to offer some critique?

Hello Sound Designers! I added a sound to the SSD Soundcloud group that I'd like some feedback from. It's the one titled "monster". I haven't done creature effects before, so I started messing ...
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Hello, want to hear some critique of my latest work.

This is a student short i recorded sound for and now got to do the sound post. What do you guys think? password is socialsounddesign
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Critique on my latest project.

My latest short film is now available on YouTube. I did all the music (and won Best Score! :D) and sound design -- 95% original recordings; there are 3 whooshes that aren't mine -- and the final mix. ...
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Feedback on my demo reel

Hey guys I'm still new to the field of sound design and just finished up my demo reel. I was seeing if I could get some feedback on it. Thanks!
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Newbie Sound Designer Would Love Some Feedback

Hi all, I'm relatively new to doing sound design so I was hoping that I could get some critiques from the community :) My background is in musical composition; I actually just got my undergrad degree ...
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Looking for critiques on a practice sound design

Things I would do differently after watching it again: Offset the track so it has the proper echo delay. Found more crumbling sounds for the roof caving in (but they would have to be the proper ...
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