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2 answers

Sound Criticism Problem

There is one problem. Sometimes when I see a new movie or computer game I often have a desire to discuss numerous things about the sound of these movies or games. There are myriad of sites where ...
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Critique on my latest project.

My latest short film is now available on YouTube. I did all the music (and won Best Score! :D) and sound design -- 95% original recordings; there are 3 whooshes that aren't mine -- and the final mix. ...
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Made some work - Need feedback

I keep doing sound design exercises by re-designing visuals found around the web. Last time it was rockets and marsmachine, so this time i wanted to try something mystic and fragile to recreate. ...
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My First Time...

Hi everyone! I just uploaded my first draft of a video a friend made. I composed the music/othersounds. I would love if you guys and girls could take a minute (it's actually shorter than that) and ...
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