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Incorrect Album and Attribution in Windows Media Player

After exporting an audio mixdown from DAW to (WMA or MP3) and editing applicable tags with appropriate software, Media Player in Windows 10 often still gets album, artist and other attribution ...
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Where to Find Free Music with Creative Commons License

Is there any website that provides lots of music files with Creative Commons license? I have a personal blog and use photos with CC license from Flickr. I also want to produce small video ...
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Creative Commons and Copyright

Do you use Creative Commons service to protect work on your site? Do you protect just audio (samples, SFX, recording...) or your texts as well? I just start using it and I would like to know what you ...
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Attribution-License Sounds in a Demo Reel

Being fresh out the gates, my sound library isn't very large, and most of it has a Creative Commons Attribution license. Also, my primary resource for sound effects -- -- has the same ...
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Free to use (CCL) animations to sound design

I'm trying to build my showreel as a sound designer, but I mainly only have short films to show. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find good quality animations licensed under Creative ...
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