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Audacity crahed mid recording and now the exported audio recording is broken

I started to record the audio of a meeting to listen to it later via audacity, but right at the end of the meeting my laptop shut down because the battery was dead. I immediately started my laptop ...
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Windows 10 crashes when producing but only in the evening [closed]

So I've just had another 2 bluescreens of deaths and one freeze trying to work on a project in Ableton live 9.6.1 but this has been happening for quiet some time now (even when I used FL studio 10 to ...
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Best Plane Crash scene in terms of Sound Design?

I'm trying to create a first person soundscape and one part is a plane crashing in the water whilst on board. I'd like to get your opinions on which plane crash scenes in TV, Film or Games are the ...
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Nuendo 5.53 Unexpected Error

I have a session thats comprised of multiple sample rates, bit depths, and a mix of broadcast wave and microsoft .wav files. Sends to about 6 FX tracks total with most only 1 plug-in, one track has 3 ...
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