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How to fix audio files that cause the speaker/headphones to crack?

When playing some deep sounding audio files, it sometimes happens that the speakers/headphones crack. This happens randomly across various operating systems, audio players and speakers/headphones. The ...
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Making old audio clip more audible

I am a total newbie to this sound world and need some help. There is a huge audio clip of almost 3 hours (I have attached a part of them) which I wish to make a bit more audible. Original audio clip ...
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Crackling in headphones

From time to time, I hear almost inaudible, but irritating crackling, whining, buzzing in my left headphone I am listening through my M-audio M-track II audio interface. This problem persists on low ...
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Cracking and pop when ipad plugged in to piano line in

I been trying to plug my ipad into line-in of my digital piano, and it works fine. Until I try to charge the ipad, as soon as I plug in the ipad I get a lot of hissing and cracking and pop. What could ...
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Focusrite & latency & drivers & Win vs Mac

I have a cross-platform (for Windows and Mac OS X) program for the development of musical abilities. It should work in real-time (i.e. with the lowest possible delay). The main used sound card is ...
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2 answers

Reducing noise and crackling from wires

I'm looking for advises on how I could reduce crackling and noise when recording from line output to line input (big jack stereo wires). Actually I output the sound from a keyboard synthesizer to ...
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4 answers

Crackling noise coming out the SM7B microphone

I recently ordered an open-box SM7B (perfect condition), so far so good, except there's some crackling noise coming out of the audio signal. You can hear a sample of the crackling noise here, it's ...
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3 answers

Request: Glass Cracking.

Hi, I'm on a bit of a time constraint and really need the sound of a tv screen cracking- not from an impact hit but more similar to if it was under extreme heat or cold. Haven't been able to find ...
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7 answers

Stone wall cracking.

Hi all. I would like to know how to make a sound of a stone wall cracking? If any one can give me some direction it will be great.
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