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Impulse Responses (IRs) - Do you download, buy, or DIY?

A little background: I'm trying to expand my library of IRs. While I have access to TL Space, Waves IR-L, and Altiverb the most readily available (installed in the room I do most of my work in) is TL ...
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Is there any reason that AudioEase couldn't make an IR from the Tenman Horn?

Just heard about this 80 year old technology making a comeback on NPR this evening. A 27' horn loudspeaker? Yes, I think it would make a great IR:
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Is per-stem reverb the same as reverb for the full mix?

I've just found out about how to do stems when recording, and why they're important (kind of obvious, I guess!) The only thing I can't work out, is where "full-mix" reverb is applied. If I want a ...
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Convolution Verbs & IP Softwares

Hey everyone, I'm very interested in getting into recording my own IP's, mashing sounds, collecting pro IP libraries, etc. I'm wondering which softwares you guys think are the best? Altiverb SIR2 ...
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Neutral reverb without sense of room for making wind

I'm mid production and have to make elements of light wind in a large design-composition by vocalizing and using various props. Works great, but the version of Altiverb I had and that usually did the ...
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How do I use Impulse Responses from Waves in another convolution plugin

I have the Waves IR plugin and it has a lot of good impulse responses but the plugin itself isnt very good and all the impulse responses come in .wir. How could I use these impulse responses on the ...
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Sidechained shifting Convolution?

Hi all, I'm trying to create a plugin in logic in which the decay of a piano uncovers prerecorded whispers. What's the best workflow to create this? Convolution reverb kind of gets me half way there,...
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Do you make your own impulse responses?

I'm not referring to actual rooms, i'm talking more about weirdness. I've been trying to use Skanner XT in reaktor (i mean, it can be any synth for that matter) to make some custom weird IRs. I'm ...
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Adding minute amounts of different sound Convolved to a Mix....effect?

Hey, I am looking for a way to make things unique. I'm a firm believer that sounds all have an internal mechanism on our psyche through their timbre. Would you think that by using several sounds and ...
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How to make a reverb sound like this?

I am using FL Studio and I have tried reverbs and impulse responses, but I just can't seem to get a similar result. Many of the impulse responses sound too muffled or harsh. Is there any way to ...
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Experiences w/NI Reflektor?

Hi forum, has anyone of you yet used Native Instrument's new convolution reverb effect "Reflektor"? What are your experiences? Does it hold its promised features of Zero-Latency and other creative ...
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