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Spontaneous video interviews in crowded convention center w/o lav

I regularly video interview comic artists and writers who are behind tables at comic and anime conventions. They are in large, open rooms with loud, packed chattering crowds, so lots of ambient noise. ...
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Who's going to AES in October?

Wanted to started a group to see who will be at AES in NYC this October. I'll be there from Oct 19 - Oct 24. I'm presenting "Techniques in Field Recording" in the Game Audio track on the morning of ...
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3 answers

AES San Francisco (Nov. 2010)

EDIT/UPDATE: So I'm in San Francisco now, and the convention starts tomorrow. Figured I'd refresh this to see if anyone else is going to be in attendance. Also, I'm going to try and run some end of ...
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Organization of Pro Tools Sessions

Hey all you professional peers, I am curious how you organize and keep track of different versions of Pro Tools sessions. How do you write the date? Do you have a standard naming convention you use?...
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