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What is this new End-to-End Neural Audio Codec?

Soundstream is a new neural audio codec capable of efficiently compressing voice, music, and general audio at bitrates normally targeted by custom speech codecs. SoundStream is based on a model ...
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Making loud sounds louder but leave under threshold

It appears I'm looking for a reverse compressor. I want to have sounds under a threshold stay untouched but if it's over the threshold I'd like to make it even louder. Is this a compressor? Could ...
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FLAC compression level comparison/efficiency analysis

I want to rip/archive all my music collection to a lossless but compressed file format, i.e. the files should all be perfect, lossless representations of the original data but should consume less ...
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How does MP3 and FLAC's encoding work

I am working on a research project and struggling on finding information on some of the more technical details about the working how MP3 and FLAC works to encode and compress its data. Most ...
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Best Podcast Compression/Settings....

I very rarely provide audio for podcasts. I have worked on widgets, games, bonus scenes and BTS clips...but, not long amounts of continuos streaming dialog. When I make clips into files for email ...
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On Hold Audio/Data Compression

Anybody know what kind of algorithms/applications they use for this? Cuz I'm on hold right now and whenever the music overloads the system there's this wicked pink noise distortion that takes over ...
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Is Apple Compressor Reliable for MP4 Conversion

I'm wondering how reliable the Apple Compressor is. I'd like to convert a photo JPG to an MP4 file and am hoping to do it in a fashion that does not "unsync" anything audio/video related.
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