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3 answers

Looking to learn...

Hi everyone, Firstly, what an amazing site! I've only just discovered this place and have spent a good few hours looking on it, an amazing resource for information. Now, I'm not sure if this ok to ...
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Virtual Instruments in film music composition [closed]

Are the use of virtual instruments in film music composition having a positive negative or both on the overall quality of film music?
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3 votes
9 answers

Do any of you compose, as well?

I got into sound design when an open-source game I was on was flooded with composers, and we needed a sound designer. None of the composers on the game had anything beyond Finale but me, so I stepped ...
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Suggestions on composer/sound designer relationships?

In indie film and theatre alike, there can be a lot of gray area in the middle of sound design and composition, especially if the director doesn't establish specific roles. I would love suggestions ...
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