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Sound Design Journals on genre

I'm looking at writing a section in a report about different genres in film, and how sound design varies for each. Does anyone know any useful links to articles/journals/papers, preferably for ...
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The difference between Dry Comedic and Slapstick sounds

Can we compare the difference between dry comedic and slapstick sounds?? Is there a fine line between these things or is it vague? Maybe a movie or article reccomendation could lend a helping hand ...
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Articles- Sound Design in comedy

I wonder if you guys have read great articles or have book referees about sound design for comedy (which tricks are used and how the sound helps the movie/tv show/etc to be funnier) that you could ...
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Timeline examples or learning resources for audio levelling of live event dialogue and audience reactions ? (e.g. stand-up comedy)

For best audio quality from a live audience event, complete with audience reactions (laughter, cheering etc.) I understand that it is necessary to perform audio levelling manually, via clip gain ...
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