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What is meant by the sound of color?

While almost entering death, I found myself being talked too (by who or what I have no clue) and shown things that a crazy person would envy. One item that I just can't shake is being told I had to ...
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Is there scientific studies into certain frequencies relating to colours/light/mood?

Hello. I'm working on a little web project (I'm a web developer by trade) where it's basically a mouse controlled synth inside a browser. Nothing fancy, but it's letting me get to grips with some of ...
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Do you use colored regions at all?

I have a system where I color all the SFX originally done by the SFX editor black, and any fixes I do or changes I color them Red, and any fixes or new SFX from the editor are colored Dark Blue. I ...
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What do colors sound like?

Is there a way to convert a color to a sound? Does orange in particular have a kind of Hz/audio equivalent other than 5e+14?
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