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3 answers

Son wants to major in Sound Design

My son is interested in sound design. Most schools offer music degrees for active musicians who want to learn recording, or a film degree with a few classes in sound. Emerson offers film with an audio ...
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What degree should I go for?

I'm a college student at my local community college where I am currently enrolled as a music major. I just finished my first semester and I am still trying to figure out what degree I want or exactly ...
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5 answers

Is a Music Business bachelors and a Recording Arts bachelors degree going to get me anywhere in Sound Design?

I'm majoring in Music Business right now, but we did a couple projects last year in Electronic Music where we had to put sound beds onto trailers, and I absolutely fell in love. It was so much fun. ...
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How do I get meaningful experience if I'm in the middle of nowhere?

I'm an aspiring sound designer who is going to school in a tiny Southern town. We don't have a film program, and while the music department has some music technology, there are only four courses. I ...
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