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2 votes
8 answers

Techniques for stretching out water to make it a constant sound

I'm trying to stretch out water to make it so that it is kind of on repeat. Only a certain portion of it. How do you do that, with a compressor or EQ?? Seriously, what kind of layering techniques ...
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1 vote
8 answers

Gobbler as a cloud backup service

Hi all, I've just recently come across an offsite / cloud backup solution called Gobbler. Basically, anyone can create a free account that comes with 25gb of storage space. The bundled application ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Using Sound Cloud or Google Music like Flickr?

I used to meticulously catalog and double back up my digital photos and scanned negative. I still keep all of the negatives in a binder, but my digital organization has fallen by the wayside. Why? ...
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How to make a suction sound?

Imagnine you are being sucked into a TV, what sound would it make? Or what if you had just teleported into a zone and somebody asked you about this sound design technique.
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