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1 vote
3 answers

Exporting clips in Pro Tools and sound card conversion

This may be a noob question but when exporting clips out of Pro Tools, say with fades and what not, does anyone know if the sound card is engaged at all? The reason I ask is I have some sounds I've ...
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3 votes
3 answers

Film that shows progress of sound design

Hi, I'm working with a group of 1st graders on a film project. The approach I'm taking is very sound driven. We started by listening to an unusual recorded sound and they drew what they thought it ...
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2 answers

Best tools to hold a wireless mic in place

I have a fun gig providing sound for a Free Theater program. The guys put on a great production at a community center for 5-6 weeks in the Spring and Fall. I've been learning a lot about sound design ...
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