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There is no Supervising Sound Editor?

I am working in the world of low budget features and documentary and I am in search of ways to alleviate some work flow problems. At the risk of sounding bitchy and ungrateful, I having some serious ...
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Live collaboration with client?

Hi All, I recently got feedback from a client that they prefer an in-person approach for sound design, preferring to be in the room as the sounds are created. This is something I understand from a ...
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Client Monitoring and sound editing.

Hi guys, Had a strange problem with my sound files on a recent shoot. Basically it was a big hall and a talking head-static not moving. For recording I used a 702, a Sennheisser G3 E100 kit with ...
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Is Strip Silence availible in all versions of Pro Tools including MP & SE

I have a client who wishes to purchase an MP or SE version of Pro Tools to do basic scratch recordings at home. However due to here workflow it is critical that she has strip silence available to her. ...
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Workflow for exchanging "temp mixes" remotely.

Curious.... I am about to start a project for a remote client (I'm in Minneapolis, they're in California). This, admittedly, is one of my first contracts that will have no "personal" contact. All ...
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Warning!!! A real NOOB question: Can I produce "Dolby" sounds at home....

Hi everyone, Was asked to write a cost proposal for a promo spot destined for cinema here in Switzerland and the producer replied with the following: "...Btw, how is it if the sound has to be dolby ...
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Client asking for sound files

A client has recently asked me to send them each individual sound from the short I just worked on. They said it was just in case they have to change something later on. Is this normal protocol or ...
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What do you say when a client asks for more?

How many of you have been asked to "touch up a mix" and the client hands you an OMF with no editing, effects or design? Or been asked to work on a project as a "sound editor" when the client meant a ...
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Age Discrimination in the Audio Industry?

This is a question for all ages: do you think there's a certain amount of "age discrimination" in the audio industry? For the young? For the old? I ask because, as a designer/editor/mixer on the ...
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Presenting Ideas to Directors/Clients

Im currently working on a theatre production where the Director wants me to create scene transitions, however they are not really sure on what they want/have anything for me to reference. So i'm ...
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