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What is The Wilhelm scream?

I have just reviewed “The Lord of The Rings” trilogy. I have not seen it since its theatrical release and when I saw it then everything was normal. But now I know about the Wilhelm Scream... So I had ...
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Seven-eight-six-five code six, one-oh-five north avenue

You guys know what I'm talking about. Any idea where this one originated? First place I heard it was in the loading screen for the game SWAT 3, so it kinda got drilled into my head after that.
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Non-cliche Holiday Sounds for Comercial Campaign

What are some non-cliche "Holiday" sounds that could be used to decorate a series of commercial spots? I don't always think of the Holidays as being strictly Christmas sounds, sleigh bells, carols ...
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What sound bursts your bubble?

When enjoying media for entertainment purposes, what specific sounds shatter your suspension of disbelief? For me, it is the call of a loon. I grew up in Muskoka, which is a cottage district in ...
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