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Question on the music production of Atreides Anthem

The soundtrack [1] presents a sort of a anthem. Concerning the music production of [1]: there is a moment in this music that is really something; very powerful, yet gentle. This moment starts at 6:54 ...
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How can I as beginner learn Sound Design cheap?

I want to make a short animation video with some terrific 7.1 audio. Let that be my goal. Now where can I even begin to learn how to create small to big cinematic sounds, record good dialogue and how ...
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How are audio tracks finalized in the cinema industry?

I was wondering how exactly audio is finalized in the cinema industry. Are they rendered in stems or a in a single audio track and then imported in a video editing software (Final Cut, Premiere, ...
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Gear for stylized cinematic sound design project

I'm due to start work on a project next month which I'll be editing and sound designing. It's a 5 minute short film/commercial which requires a lot of heavily stylized sound design elements. There ...
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Any good literature about sound design inTerence Malick's "The Thin Red Line" movie?

I've just found out that Michel Chion wrote a whole book about the film "The Thin Red Line" and I've just ordered it but in the meantime, I am now looking for something shorter, like a good review or ...
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Using home cinema speakers with desktop audio interface

I would like to match four speakers left from an old Philips LX3600D home cinema system with my Komplete Audio 6 interface. When I test the levels with crocodile clips I get a very low intensity sound ...
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Help to pick out sound system for an open air cinema

I'm going to make an open air cinema. The count of guests would be 50-60 people. what kind of sound system would you suggest ?
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Hitting a leq(m) spec

Doing sound design for materials that need to hit an 82 leq(m) spec which is the TASA standard for cinema ads. But all I have is an LUFS meter. Any ballpark range I can mix it to, at least to pass the ...
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What's a really good book to get deep into sound design??

I'm looking for a book that can help me understand every detail on how to make sounds from scratch and not just manipulate presets. I've been producing music for the past 2 years and i've created some ...
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Differences between Interop DCP and SMPTE DCP

Hi, right now I'm writing on my thesis and I try to find out the main differences between the Interop- and SMPTE-DCP specifications regarding the amount of audio-channels that are available. The ...
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cinema screening stereo problem

Hi guys, A film I worked on that I mixed in stereo is being shown at a cinema on Saturday. The director went today to check the setup and test the film, on testing apparently the audio sounds very ...
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Matrixing and Tuning of Speakers in Movie Theaters

Hello all, I am curious if anyone here has experience configuring and tuning a speaker system in a movie theater for 5.1/7.1 playback. My recent projects have given me a lot of new experience with ...
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would you answer this short questionnaire to help with university research - revised

I am currently studying for a BA (Hons) in Music Production. Part of my assignment requires the creation of sample-based software instruments (namely, Kontakt instruments). I am creating a cinematic ...
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Films with extended moments of great sound

What are your favourite long form pieces of sound design in film? I'm doing a little research into a project where I'd need to make up 50 minutes of film with exciting/interesting sound for a ...
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3d sound from 5.1 (dolby cinema) speaker system

hi is it possible to create fake 3d sound panning (like with headphone and htrs) with a standard 5.1 system? i think no, never heard of any tool or technique that can allow that...
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