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Confusing choice of audio-production PC

EBay Image-line The sites above give the tips on how to decide on audio-production PC. But they accent different things - the first one says CPU is not that important, while another places it on ...
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3 answers

Mic choice for indoor dialogue

Hi everyone Quick one: We are shooting the film in tight room with hard walls, squeaky floor and 2-3 actors. Genre would be psycho-thriller with lots of tension and pressure in voice. I've got a ...
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1 vote
5 answers

What kind of mic to record prod. sound in an enclosed trailer?

What kind of mic would you use to record production sound in an enclosed trailer? It's a relatively small metal trailer the size of a UHaul. It might be echo'ey so would a shotgun be less effective ...
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If you were to buy a studio pre-amp - cost no issue - which one would you buy and why?

No cost limit for a studio pre-amp - solid-state or tube, doesn't matter which. Which one would you buy for: Vocals - (Katy Perry, etc. - contemporary pop) Drums (any type of drum) Voice Over (if ...
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Uniqueness or quality?

Sometimes to get original and really unique sounds that might came out of unexpected sources (like circuit bent devices, tapes, and all things not positioned for pro quality output) we need to accept ...
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