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Bit OT: Looking for a multi-track player that can chase SMPTE or MTC

If this is too off-topic here I can move it, maybe to Video Production? I'm looking for a device or Mac/PC app that can play six audio tracks (WAV preferred) in sync with incoming SMPTE or Midi ...
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Car Chase with old car

Hello everyone, I'm actually working on an animated movie, and there is a car chase with old cars. What types of vehicles can I choose to have a sound which sounds like an old car, and that is at ...
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Car Chase SFX Library Recommendation

I am cutting a Car Chase scene for a student, spec commercial. All of the libraries I look at only have SFX for doors and car drive bys, etc. There wasn't a budget for on set recording/ or wild ...
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Advice for cutting car chase SFX

Hi. I’m cutting SFX for a car chase scene. Very stoked-my first time. I’ve been doing some reading about techniques and such… Chris Assells has some solid tips on the 5th page of this recent ...
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Editing Driving and Car Scenes

I'm editing a video just to do for a fun challenge, its of a rally car doing various manoeuvres and drifting, just using library material, no recordings I've made. Was curious to know of any ...
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