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Can I use my mixer to output guitar to multiple guitar amplifiers?

I want to channel my guitar chain through my mixer so that I can feed multiple guitar amps. I don't want to blow anything up (except the neighborhood) so here's my proposed setup. edit I've had the 4-...
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How to Procedurally Change Selection in Audacity Chain (Macro) | Normalize Long Track in Chunks

Is there a way to procedurally change the audio selection within an Audacity Chain? Background: I work on the raw footage for very long GDC-style talks, where my primary goal is just to increase the ...
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Help to Synthesize Chains Dragging FX?

I dont know if it´s possible to synthesize a Chain effect on Sytrus (FM Synthesizer) can anybody give me a Hint on how to do so ?
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Where are Audacity effects chain files saved to on MacOS?

Trying to import an effects chain file from my Windows 10 system but can't find the effects chain files anywhere in the Audacity Package Contents here on MacOS High Sierra.
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How can I improve this chain of filters to make a better voice with Audacity

I'm a true beginner in sound design, and use of softwares to edit sounds. However I started to make a chain of filters in Audacity (File > Edit Chains). I'm recording podcasts with only my voice as a ...
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Matching line in/line out levels

I recently asked about the general setup of our Talking Newspaper recording studio (Undestanding a recording studio configuration). From the answers given, it seems that without buying extra ...
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Dialogue Premix - Exterior Verb

While in the midst of a dialogue premix, I've been playing around with this Snapshot feature on TLSpace I never knew existed. Has made verbing so much quicker and easier now especially for recurring ...
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cutting foley/footsteps through compression?

Anyone do this? We're looking to tweak our chain somewhat, and one of the more obvious things is to go ahead and compress some of those quick transients out on the cut side of foley and footsteps. ...
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