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Field Recordists - How do you protect your mics on the way to the field?

So I've recently been doing a bit of hiking to remote locations for field recording. On my trips so far I have used a rain coat that also zips up into a bag to hold my m/s rig in a rycote with a bit ...
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sound device bag back support

Hey guys I have a sound device case like this one I was wondering if I could get some advice, I added a strap to go around my waist so I do not get back ...
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Tascam DR-100 carry case: PortaBrace AR-100, Petrol PS615 or a camera case?

Hi guys, Just wondering what Tascam DR-100 / DR-100MkII users are using for a carry case? I'm looking at the PortaBrace AR-100 or the Petrol Bags PS615, or finding a suitable camera case as people ...
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Seeking Fostex FR2 LE case/bag/strap

As the title suggests I am currently seeking a carry case/bag or a good strap for my Fostex FR2 LE field recorder. Cases such as the portabrace exceed my humble budget(up to £50), and I've been told ...
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Porta Brace audio recorder case AR7 design fault?

I have just purchased Porta Brace AR7 for my Sound Devices 702 and I am utterly disapointed with it. It has a major design fault!!!! Velcro strips on the sides that protect recorder from sliding left/...
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Small field recorder bags (for large handhelds?)

I'm looking for a smaller size field recorder bag for my fostex fr le and or my roland R 26, as well as bits n bobs like cables, batteries, tape, mini tripods etc etc. All the bags I've seen so far ...
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