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Connecting passive monitors to sound card [closed]

I searched on Google, but didn't find the answere. I want to buy some external sound card (for example Yamaha AG03, but I would like to understand how this works in general) and some monitor speakers. ...
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How to make playing card noises sound more satisfying and full

I'm having trouble on the sound of playing cards, actual playing cards aren't doing it and there are not many resources out there for playing card noises. Any suggestions?
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The difference between SD Cards and Compact flashcards

Hello, We are in the beginning stages of deciding what to buy for a new film school. Er are looking at Sound Device 722 and the SD552 but I think we have settled on the 722. I have a question though ...
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CF Cards for SD722

Hello, I have done quite a bit of research on CF cards for the SD722 and am fairly comfortable with my decision to go with the San Disk 8GB. I do want to ask a question just to settle my mind. When ...
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