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TV Broadcast, Mixing Levels, Commercials, Tech Specs

I generally work in film. I have a broadcast gig in which I am cleaning dialog and mixing a 23 minute spot which is going to air shortly and I do not have a Technical Specification Sheet. I am so ...
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Calibrating my room

I was wondering what would be the best way to calibrate my room in my new apartment to my Mackie MR5's. The room is relatively small (10x12?) about 10 foot ceilings and carpeted with one window. I don'...
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Dayton Audio mic calibration file details

Dayton Audio provides calibration measurements for some of their mics in the form of a text file mapping frequencies to gains for that particular mic (by serial number), e.g. one of mine is: *1000Hz -...
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Advice on calibrating complex stimuli that vary in amplitude and also decay over time

So I am finding it difficult to calibrate for a particular signal that changes in amplitude over time, and is randomly presented to a listener over a time span. I have attached a picture of the ...
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Does speaker calibration software reduce the life-span of the speakers?

I'm wondering if using speaker calibration software could be exhausting the speakers by gaining up the frequencies outside of the speaker's natural frequency range, or if there is anything to be ...
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opinions on setting up a mic test

If I were to be hypothetically setting up a mic shootout, which initial setup would you see as most relevant? Specifically, if I were to set up using one methodology and never change preamp levels ...
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Microphone polar plot measurement frequencies

So, I'm looking at generating a polar plot to see directional dependence of a sensor that I've got. I downloaded a basic tool in MATLAB called dirplot, which I can read my measured data over 360 ...
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Do professionals calibrate the monitoring environment to personal hearing capabilities?

You can read a lot about calibrating the monitoring setup to sound as "neutral" as possible. This includes physical room optimization and equalization, buying expensive speakers or ...
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Is that a microphone?

Can someone determine if that's a microphone and tell me the model or brand?
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